Stanislaus County Music Educators Association




The Stanislaus County Music Educators Associations (SCMEA) purpose is the mutual collaboration and promotion of "BETTER SCHOOL MUSIC: utilizing all the best efforts of the various agencies of music education.   This will be achieved by...


  • constantly promoting the music development of all students of Stanislaus County
  • advocating for quality music education for all students of Stanislaus County
  • fostering and reinforcing music education as a life-long endeavor
  • supporting the changing professional needs of our members
  • creating and nurturing an environment that holds music to be a basic element of education for all students and a necessity of life for all people
  • hosting an annual festival for music students to demonstrate their unique talents and abilities in a select  honor/festival group

Executive Board


Ulices Chavez


Vice President

Brad Hart



Olga Weddle



Ashley Briar