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We have a very active Instrumental Music program here at La Loma and that requires some extra income to help pay for the music festivals, instrument repair, purchasing of new music, concert attire, busses, etc.  Compared to most active jr. high & high school music programs we do not do a lot of fundraisers, we only have about 4 big fundraisers per year; 2 in the fall and 2 in the spring.  The average jr. high/high school band/orchestra program does between 6-10.  We also do a few "one-shot" fundraisers like at UNO Chicago Grill where all you do is show up and eat, and they give us a percentage of the profits. So those dont really count as a full fledged fundraiser.  Which ever kind of fundraiser we do ALL of the funds generated go directly to the Band & Orchestra. 



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