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La Orquesta Ritmo de Ernesto Bucio (Ernie Bucio's Latin Jazz Orchestra)


Formed in the Spring 2004, La Orquesta Ritmo de Ernesto Bucio is the premiere group of Ernie Bucio. The literal translation is Ernie Bucio's Rhythm Orchestra which is a traditional name Latin jazz groups have taken on over the years. However, for simplicity sake we refer to ourselves as the Latin Jazz Orchestra.  It's instrumentation includes 3 saxophones, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone and 4-5 rhythm section (bass, piano, guitar & usually 2 Latin percussionists). The group plays a variety of Latin jazz styles including mambos, cha-chas, merengues & bembes, just to name a few. The group even plays some funk music ala Tower of Power. This group has performed with some of the hottest Latin jazz musicians in the state and the country, including Ernie's very good friend Arturo Sandoval.  The Latin Jazz Orchestra has also been a featured group at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.



The Ernie Bucio Latin Jazz Orchestra


For audio of Ernie Bucio's Latin Jazz Orchestra click here, video click here and to see pictures of the Latin Jazz Orchestra click here.




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